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Writing a new Fashion Narrative - A Talk at Maailma Kylässä

Moi Namaste at Maailma Kylässä

The next decade in fashion will rely on how we buy our clothes and who we buy it from.


Dearest Moi Namaste Fam,

It is my pleasure to announce that we are hosting a 30-minute program at this week's Maailma Kylässä!

Maailma Kylässä or the World Village Festival was first organised in full in 1995, and over the years the festival has cemented its position as an annual meeting point between CSOs, festival visitors, politicians and thought leaders.

This festival's theme this year is "the boundaries of our planet". 

The well-being of the environment, people and the economy are entirely dependent on the kind of decisions we make now internationally, in Finland and on different levels of the society. Declining biodiversity, changing climate, population growth, increasing inequality, growing migration flows and overconsumption are forcing decision-makers, authorities, companies, communities and individuals to work together. Finding solutions to these challenges is essential for the future of the planet and of humankind.

World Village Festival 2022 is about searching for large-scale and small-scale solutions for living a more sustainable life within the limits of our planet. What is the change we need to secure sustainable living conditions for everyone in the future? What role can we play in creating this change?

The questions got us excited and we decided to talk about one thing we know - FASHION!


who made my clothes

Why focus on Fashion?

Fashion is an integral part of all our daily lives. We engage with it every day. However, only in the last decade or so, we have started discussing the implications of this industry. 

Argued to be one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, it is known to both harms the environment through overproduction, harmful production techniques, and waste creation; as well as often be harmful to the people involved at the grassroots level of this industry. Through the Rana Plaza accident of 2013, the world opened it eyes to the human rights violations, unfair pay, and unethical working conditions of the entire supply chain involved in garment production. 

Many however believe that this way of working can be stopped. The negative impact of the industry, is preventable.


During this 30-minute programme, we will explore the future of fashion and showcase real-life examples from Finland, the Netherlands and India uncovering how the supply chain within the global fashion industry can become people and planet positive. You will hear from me as well as two leading changemakers within the sustainable & ethical fashion community - Jeanne De Kroon, founder of Amsterdam-based fashion label, Zazi Vintage and Padmini Govind, partner at India's leading artisan space, Tharangini Studios.

The discussion will be in English.

The programme will be available on-site at the Tiivistämö event venue and through live stream on the Festival website.

More information can be found here:

I hope to see many of you engage with festival & our program on Sunday!






moi namaste at maailma kylässä

Thank you Maailma Kylässäa for giving me this opportunity and to our community for supporting and watching our program. In case you missed it, you can find the recording here: 

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