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Moi Namaste 👋🏼

Welcome to our people+ & planet+ fashion community!

I am Pukhraj, the founder and CEO of Moi Namaste. Founded in 2020, this brand started as a love letter to Finland sharing with it the beauty and culture of my homeland, India.

Moi Namaste, based in Helsinki, is an ethical brand committed to empowering women artisans in India. It is an attempt at bringing Indian craftsmanship to our global community through fashion & sustainable lifestyle. We design for and take inspiration from our colourful friends who live boldly, yet with kind hearts.

Each piece unique and charming, our collections can come with subtle variations that are natural to the handicraft process. 



Values are defined as guiding principles or behavioral standards. And in the current fashion industry, it is incredibly important for brands to articulate these for themselves. For us, our values shepherd us to act and grow this company in accordance with our brand commitment of being people & planet positive. 

Contribution to society

We are a small puzzle piece in the larger story of deep, meaningful impact within the world. Everything we do, we do to contribute to society, in a collective & kind way.

Love & belonging

We create spaces for people to feel safe while unlearning & relearning about their lifestyle choices. We start all conversations rooted in love and believe in the potential of people to grow & live lives of positive impact.

Growth & challenge

We are inspired by growth and the challenges that come with scaling. We set big, ambitious goals for ourselves with the ultimate mission of impacting artisan lives across India.

Honesty & Integrity

We value integrity and expect transparency from ourselves and our fellow brands about their work & impact in India. We share openly both our successes and areas of development.



All Moi Namaste pieces are handcrafted in India using traditional, artisanal techniques, with a deliberate focus on women empowerment, ethical production and sustainability. Explore our press coverage here.

For media enquiries, please email moi.namaste@gmail.com