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Indian Craftsmanship meets Nordic Functionality

Moi Namaste is a Finnish-Indian lifestyle brand creating eclectic, timeless pieces combining Indian craftsmanship and Nordic functionality. Derived from two contrasting worlds, we exist for those who see beauty in global cultures, traditional crafts and artisanal wisdom. 

"Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear."

Elizabeth Joy

Welcome to the People & Planet Positive Club!

Our Brand Commitments

Our Brand Commitments

With increasing cases of greenwashing, we understand it is hard for ethically-minded people to assess brands. So we share clearly and openly - what we want and stand for!

Who makes our products?

Who makes our products?

Without the amazing people across our supply chains, we won't be able to function and have the impact we desire. Let's meet them, shall we?

Meet our Artisans

Not just a lifestyle brand, we are a community for people who care about their impact on the planet and its people!

- Pukhraj Ranjan, Founder of Moi Namaste

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We plant a tree in India for each order! It is COMPLIMEN-TREE :)