Blockwallah | Wooden Printing Blocks

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🪷 Blockwallah = 'Block' (Stamps) + 'wallah' (Hindi for seller) 🪷 ⁠
Blockwallah Wooden Printing Blocks are a unique way to add personalized art to your crafting projects. Hand-carved in India by traditional artisans, these blocks have a long history of printing stunning textiles. Perfect for parties, gifting, and other creative activities.⁠


  • Handcarved Indian Teak wood.
  • Based on the work required, pricing ranges from 8€ to 15€.

Care: Easy to use, store, and clean, these blocks promise a long printing life. 

Product Traceability: 100% made in India

  • Blockwallah is a Finnish-Indian family company that works directly with rural Indian artisans to produce hand-crafted wooden printing blocks. ⁠

Craft: Blockprinting