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Unveiling Kissa Goi: Crafting Stories Through Hand-Crafted Art

Unveiling Kissa Goi: Crafting Stories Through Hand-Crafted Art

In a world inundated with mass-produced goods, there's a longing for something more—a connection, a narrative, a tale waiting to be told. Enter Kissa Goi, a brand that breathes life into its creations by weaving stories, myths, and memories into every piece.

Derived from the Hindi term meaning "story-telling," Kissa Goi isn't just about fashion; it's about narrative, legacy, and community. Founded by sisters Ayushi and Anushri Agarwal, Kissa Goi is a modern, gender-neutral brand that embraces inclusivity and craftsmanship.

At the heart of Kissa Goi's philosophy is the belief that their pieces should transcend mere wardrobe staples, becoming part of your personal saga. Whether it's a shirt passed down through generations or jewelry shared between loved ones, each item carries with it a story waiting to unfold.

But Kissa Goi isn't just about storytelling; it's about sustainability and social responsibility. From sourcing materials like linen from export surplus and industrial scraps to championing Kala cotton—a sustainable form that requires minimal irrigation—the brand is committed to minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Moreover, Kissa Goi promotes responsible consumption through direct communication and practical tips like hand-washing clothes instead of dry-cleaning. Their initiative, Koshish, transforms shirt scraps into postcards, diaries, and even new garments, further reducing waste and fostering creativity.

Beyond sustainability, Kissa Goi is dedicated to empowering women. 30% of the brand's workforce is women and by providing safe working conditions and opportunities for skill development—such as teaching embroidery techniques— currently employs uplifts and supports its female artisans.

In essence, Kissa Goi is more than just a fashion label; it's a celebration of storytelling, sustainability, and social consciousness. Through their hand-crafted pieces, Ayushi and Anushri invite you to embark on a journey of exploration, connection, and shared narratives.

Welcome Kissa Goi as we continue to craft stories, embrace sustainability, and foster community—one hand-embroidered shirt at a time.


Cover image Credits:

Production: @meltingclockfilms
Creative Dir.: @vasudharungta
Images: @abeemanyousee
Stylist: @jasslinkaur
HMU: @namratagurbanihairandmakeup

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