Juliette Dress

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Juliette Dresses make a perfect date night look, offering their beautiful colours & prints. Made from silk blend sarees (+/- 60% silk) that are vintage in nature.


  • Material: Silk blend sarees (+/- 60% silk) from India. 
  • One of a kind and unique.
  • Please note that small imperfections like tiny loose threads or small stains can occur. We consider this to be the charm of our authentic collection.

Care: Hand wash in mild detergent and with care. Can be put in a washing machine but it is advised to wash in a delicate setting and inside a wash bag


  • One size.  Can fit from S & M sizes easily. In some cases, it will fit L too.
  • Elastic waist width: 80 cm, Full length: 120 cm
Product Traceability: 100% made in India
  • Made from pre-loved sarees from India
  • Stitched by our saree suppliers - Nitin bhaiya & his team from Jaipur.
Craft: Upcycling.