In India, there are approximately 2.2 million self-help groups (NABARD, 2006) representing 33 million members who have taken micro-finance services to start their own small businesses. Self-help groups are seen as instruments of changes empowering women to take ownership, develop leadership skills and sustain a stable life for themselves and their families.

Additionally, India is also home to nearly 7 million artisans making 40% of the global artisanal workforce. Sadly though, their income merely accounts for 2% of the 400 billion USD global handicraft industry (Dasra, 2013). Many of these crafts are struggling to find a global audience and are at verge of extinction.

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The crafts of India are diverse, rich in history, culture and religion. The craft of each state in India reflects the influence of different empires as well as ways of life. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.

Moi Namaste's mission is to provide fair, and dignified livelihood opportunities for artisans (primarily women), in partnership with women-led, women-benefitting, small and medium-sized social enterprises, and family businesses in India.

With the help of our community, Moi Namaste was able to raise nearly 6000€ to provide food & ration kits to our artisan families in Bhopal, Mumbai and Odisha, and to support trauma counselling for children impacted by COVID-19⁠ in New Delhi.

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    We are honoured to be partnering with some incredibly like-minded social enterprises and small family-led businesses in India, who help bring our vision to life. As we explore various parts of the country, we hope to bring you a variety of crafts, all people & planet positive!


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    Deeply influenced by the Fair Trade value system & mindset, Moi Namaste follows & promotes the Fair Trade principles in our ways of working. Most of our partners or us are not (yet!) registered as a Fair Trade Enterprises, but our heart is in the right place. We are born for impact & help transform local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women, champion refugee rights and practice organic farming. We believe this makes the enterprises of the new economy.

    Additionally, we are also prioritising five SDGs and our commitment can be seen here on the Sustainable Development Goals partnership platform and the Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network.

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    Watch our founder's speech about the Future of Fashion at Maailma Kylässä / World Village Festival 2022 in Helsinki, Finland.


    We believe true empowerment goes beyond providing only employment. In order to deepen our impact, Moi Namaste pledges 10% of our annual profits to health, education & skill development programs for our partner's female garment makers & artisans.